$3 Shipping for Single Tees and Toques

Custom Apparel

You've spent hours, seasons and generations building your farm, business and brand into what it is today, and you should show off that brand proudly!

You're far too busy to spend hours looking at hats and shirts so we at Stook want to help you get the gear YOU want AND make it your own. Are you a farm looking for some workwear for your employees? How about gifts for suppliers or clients? Are you an agriculture or rodeo club looking for some amazing group swag for all your members? How about a business servicing the farm and country community that is looking for some quality apparel to promote your business and at the same time say thanks to those that support you? If any of these sound like you then why not work with a company as passionate about this lifestyle as you are to create something truly great.

What Stook can do for you: 

  • We meet with you to discuss YOUR vision for your farm, club or business
  • We narrow down your apparel wish list and then we work with our suppliers to get you the best gear that we can find
  • We can take care of any graphics and logo design work you need or we are happy to use anything that you already have. It's all about YOU
  • We want to help promote YOU and we hope that you love our gear so much you want to show us off, so we keep our Stook branding very subtle so YOUR brand is the focus of all your garments
  • WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING and create the unique and top quality apparel you've always wanted

Some typical items we can provide for you are hats, toques, t-shirts, hoodies, warm and cold weather work gear, jackets and pretty much anything you can think of. 

It's time to stop wearing the latest free hat that your equipment dealer gave to you (unless it's one of ours!) and get your own gear that you can be proud of!

Contact info@stook.ca to get more information and to get started!